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About our vision


Introduction: James Tanis Former President of Bougainville

Pictured above graduating from ANU Canberra 2013 with wife Pauline who in May 2014 is learning to read and speak English using a Kindle

2014-04-13 20.49.30

“There are strong indications that the benefits of mobile reading like kindles are long-lasting and far-reaching, with the potential to improve literacy, increase education opportunities and change people’s lives for the better.

A revolution in reading is upon us…

Below picture school in the village of the late President Joseph Kabui

2014-05-21 13.31.25

Our Book-gain-ville vision is to advocate for education on our island


 Picture above : Louis and Karen from Topinang Village enjoyed reading Mr Pip on thier Kindle.







The Management Team of James Tanis , Colin Cowell and Simon Pentanu promoting +Bookgainville in Port Moresby

Currently most schools on Bougainville only have a few books for the whole school

In Stage 1 (June/July 2014) we hope to roll out 5 Kindles per schoolsee details here

Each kindle costs AUS $99 and holds up to 1,400 books

So with your help we can provide approx. 5,000 books per school


Bookgainville E-reader Education Revolution Leadership group will be the voice

  • to students to do their best and achieve their best;
  • to parents to make education the first priority in the family;
  • to demand those in possession of arms to replace their guns with pens and papers;
  • to tell landowners to negotiate for educational scholarships instead of cash payouts as compensation;
  • to the political leaders to allocate the highest budget to education;
  • to reserve some resources now and leave some to our own children so that they will harvest when they acquire the technology,
  • to Donors to advocate that education must form the highest portion of aid to Papua New Guinea (Bougainville) and
  • to advocate for all groups that contribute to education and knowledge.

My thoughts on education

I am not an expert on education; therefore I cannot offer any words about the philosophical aspects of the discipline.

Even though I am a school dropout, I never gave up hope that one day I would return to school again

If I ever I found that chance, however long I had to wait and whatever it would take me to sacrifice, I would one day be back in the classroom, hold a pen and write on paper and complete my schooling.

That has been my resolve for 25 years. After 25 years of waiting and hoping I was recently a student,studying International Affairs in the Graduate Studies, School of International Relations, College of Asia Pacific Studies (GSIA), located at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia

I present my beliefs based on the encounters that I had during the difficult times of the Bougainville conflict.

I learnt that education was everything one would wish to have.

Wars Cannot Destroy

In a war, when you lose your friends, lose property, get stripped naked and robbed of everything, the only property you will be left will be what is safely hidden in your brain.

When you are under surprise attack in the mist of confusion, you can lose your children, and the only child you will be left will be what is hidden in your head.

After a war, either in defeat or victory, you will be disarmed; but the only weapon that will not be taken away from you is whatever you are armed with in the mind.

The only property, the friend and the weapon that will withstand all the destruction and the carnage of a war, is your education and knowledge.

If you are educated you will be preserved and sustained under all of life’s circumstances.

Education is everything a person must strive to have, to transit from war to peace, and then from peace to national restoration.

 The Cornerstone for Nation Building

I joined the Bougainville war to fight, so to protect our resources, our gold and silver so that we could become an independent nation.

It took me many long hard years to face the reality that you don’t build nations by destroying your people.

Nation building is more than just raising guerrilla armies, raising flags, writing constitutions and making declarations.

Nations are founded on people who are not only rich in natural resources but rich in education.

A nation that is founded on gold and silver will last as long as the ore lasts under the ground.

But a nation founded on human resources and a rigorous education program will survive.

A nation’s progress goes only as far as how far its citizens are educated.

Education sustains peace.

Education progresses the nation.

Education is everything a nation must possess.

Each kindle costs AUS $99 and holds up to 1,400 books

100% of your donation goes to purchasing a kindle