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1.Narinai via Panguna

Book Gain Ville School











Presentation by James Tanis 5 kindles August 2014

School 2

2014-05-21 12.31.10













Picture above; School founder and Ex-President of Bougainville James Tanis stated that after two weeks of the school using Kindles

” The donation of 5 kindles to our school will change the lives of our students and teachers forever

Full Name of School: Nariana Elementary School: Metonasi Class B

Region: Nagovisi, Via Panguna ,Central Bougainville

No of Students: 50

2014-05-27 11.53.59

Teachers: Chris Mirui and Larence Tamunala pictured above learning the Bookgainville library system

No of Kindles : 5 were presented in May 2014 and 5 In August 2014


A. Beginners


C. Advanced


Colin Cowell, Veronique Dal Bon, Norma Cowell, Ross Carroll, Elly Lyle, Ben Lyle ,Yvonne Foo, Daniel Lyle, Angie Demeray, Emily kearney

You can Donate Aus. $99.00 Kindle here

History of School:

Commencement Enrolment in 2013: 33 students,

Management Team: Pauline Tanis, Christine Nioko, Joseph Nioko, Kopiminu,

Target Group: Elementary Education, CODE supervision and Adult Education

Community Donation: Land, Bush Material Buildings, Funding to support the Volunteer Teacher,

Assistance Needed: Stationary, Reading Books, Furniture, School Uniforms and Permanent Classrooms.

Donations needed to assist with the urgent needs.

Liaison Contact: James Tanis on Email: jametanis21@gmail.com,

Phone: +61261841060     Mobile: +61404297688