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Project technology

If Whispercast can deliver thousands of  ebooks to students in sub-Saharan Africa

Kindle 2

Why not Bougainville PNG?

Our BookGainVille PROJECT

Using mobile phones  and e-readers (like the Amazon Kindle), BookGainVille project  wants to provide Bougainville  children and families access to hundreds of thousands of books, giving them an opportunity to change their lives.

In May 2014 we launched the Kindle project in Bougainville and by the end of June 2014 we hope to have 50 in 11 schools

But one day we hope our classrooms will look like this

Donate Class Room

Whispercast is a USA system used to deliver eBooks to students

PLEASE NOTE .The use of names ans text from Whispercast and World Reader here does not imply  any formal arrangement with these two organisations.These  suppliers are being researched and negotiations are under way for the long term use (May 2014)

David Risher was inspired by a volunteer experience at an orphanage in Ecuador, where he was shown their library: a padlocked room of books with no key.

Understanding the profound power of books to change people’s lives, including his own, Risher founded Worldreader, a non-profit organization whose mission is to make digital books available to the developing world, so that people can be empowered to improve their lives and those of their community.

To deliver books across sub-Saharan Africa, Worldreader partnered with Amazon to use Whispercast, a new tool that enables organizations to distribute eBooks to Kindle devices from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

We want to Motivate and engage Bougainville  students in reading.

The same passion we have for reading applies to student literacy. We believe that when students have access to books and read more as they do with Kindle, they can learn more. Schools across the world have used Kindle to motivate and engage students in reading.

Kindle 3


Kindle at School – Introducing Whispercast

Schools can now centrally manage a Kindle reading program using Whispercast, Amazon’s free self-service tool. With Whispercast, schools can reduce the administrative cost and complexity of distributing books to students on their Kindles or any device with the free Kindle app, including iPad, Android phones and tablets, PCs, and Macs. Schools can also provide a safe browsing experience for students on Kindle.

Learn more about Whispercast


Student Engagement with Books

Kindle excites students about reading. The same great features that help you lose yourself in a book on Kindle translate seamlessly to the classroom, helping students learn to read or study more effectively. With Kindle, students no longer need to be discouraged by the size of a book or self-conscious when carrying their books to class, motivating even reluctant and struggling readers.

Books for an Entire Class in Minutes

Teachers can now think of an eBook and have it distributed to an entire class wirelessly in minutes using Whispercast, a free self-service online tool. Schools can use Whispercast to leverage the Kindle Store’s massive collection of over 1 million books, newspapers, and magazines, including millions of free, out-of-copyright titles like Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist.

Designed for Reading

Across all reading levels, Kindle can help meet the individual needs of students with adjustable fonts, line spacing, text-to-speech, built-in reference and dictionary. Students can also add their own notes, highlights, and bookmarks that they can access from their Kindle or any device with the free Kindle app, creating a truly personalized reading experience.