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Project leadership Group

2014-05-27 11.48.33Above: Greg, James, Lillian, Chris ,Lawrence, Anita ,Josephine and Camillus and Colin seated



Bookgainville E-reader Education Revolution Leadership group will be the voice

  • to students to do their best and achieve their best;
  • to parents to make education the first priority in the family;
  • to demand those in possession of arms to replace their guns with pens and papers;
  • to tell landowners to negotiate for educational scholarships instead of cash payouts as compensation;
  • to the political leaders to allocate the highest budget to education;
  • to reserve some resources now and leave some to our own children so that they will harvest when they acquire the technology,
  • to Donors to advocate that education must form the highest portion of aid to Papua New Guinea (Bougainville) and
  • to advocate for all groups that contribute to education and knowledge.

Project Objectives

Being developed June 2014 following our first meeting


How do we measure our success?

We will gauge the impact of our many projects by

  • measuring the number of books read before and after deployment,
  • students’ reading ability,
  • as well as our own ability to provide delivery and support.
  • increased community involvement in reading,
  • and ultimately increased literacy rates

We continually conduct research within our programs, and publish the results here.